[NEWS] Letter To P-Square – by Abudu Temitope (Teewaves)

Posted: April 28, 2014 in News

Dear psquare,

I am ABUDU TEMITOPE (teewaves), a graduate of physics from university of abuja. I have been part of your lives for a while now, I have done wrong to you, spoken bad about you but lastly I learnt from you which ended up making you a role model.


This is because despite all we did to you back then, you ignored it all, stood together and struggled your way out to make it to the top. This is an example that hard-work pays.I know when you guys wear jeans with chain all over in school, I know when you got an old starlet car with a dented patched door from another starlet.

That was when you had a friend at red roof in phase 3 gwagwalada. I hope you remember names like one Nigeria, kigali, student villa, marakana etc. My first experience with you was a day when agebaker and others came to perform in school. We were all high in spirit only for you guys to come up with a slow song ‘where were you last night’. I was one of those who booed you off the stage.

I even threw water at you on stage (that, I regret now anyway and of-course youthful exuberance) which added up to why I will be a fan of p-square for life as a model brand (not the confused Paul and peter am hearing of now). Also if you remember a guy who came to pull his girlfriend out of the crowd by science lab when Paul came to get his result since Peter left for another school(you both came though). Then I became a guy who leaves garki for gwags to watch you when mtn brought you to perform in gwags ,that u even sang about the law lecturer (waziri) who was frustrating your girlfriend then.

How stupid can you twins be to let your whole struggle go down d drain with a negligible issue. Whoever it is, be it your wives or friends that has been pushing you to break will end in hell. You stupid Peter, I heard you complained that we know you as a dancer alone,that out of 200 songs from p-square 199 is Paul’s (did u just realize that or some stupid element that does not understand what you both pass through but only came when you are made is influencing you) you must be sleeping.

Do you know we accepted p-square basically for the dance if not una sing reach ‘GT d guitar man’? How far did he make it?. Dance made p-square unique and that got you global attention that even usher had a rethink on dance. Why were you attributed to Micheal Jackson, abi una think say na song you sing reach am?. To the extent your anger led you to punch your brother mistakenly as claimed in d fight started by your assistants.

Brother Jude okoye, please don’t get tired of this two childish married men(time don reach for you self o.leave this babes alone.lol) we all know your efforts, from selling your car to shoot the 1 video to managing them. your effort to keep the 2 monkeys together and your late mother’s prayer will not go in vein. Let your mother rest in peace pls. Don’t stop trying, you are the elder and the Lord will give you the strength because this your two mumu boys don’t know twins are not just friends but unavoidable blood friends and brother to stick for life. Also bros,reduce whatever it is that peter don’t like about your reaction to his wife,no man will watch his wife being treated bad sir.

Peter and Paul,If the name p-square dies,you will regret it for life,it is no more about wealth but the name you already have as legacy will cease.take example from D’banj and Don jazzy pls,there can never be mo’hit or anything like it again.do you know D’banj (who is struggling for a come back to fame) went to visit nyanya bomb blast victim and it was not even as special as it use to be for a celebrity of his class(although,it was thoughtful of him&well appreciated). This is because he has lost his place. Think before you lose yours.

Remain p-square for the sake of your fans and Nigeria, you are one of our greatest music export, giving us recognition as a good ambassador, if you double rats, are not selfish you should know we (Nigerians) deserve you to stay together. At least appreciate us,don’t be like 2face idibia who left his fans and took his marriage to Dubai where nobody knows about how much he sold his first cd plate.and Tiwa savage, the lady that was unintentional stolen from me is about to show she doesn’t appreciate us also(just kidding, whatever makes you happy honie) .

P-square please you have been bringing good name to naija while we have bad names from different angles so don’t break up pls. Can you even imagine this ungrateful boys oo,money dey shark una abi?  Do  you even realize you have gotten to the level where people faint for you on stage.or have you ever heard that anybody fainted for daddy shokey, style plus, bracket or this guy who insulted terry g about 1005 blingbling.

Lola and anita okoye, please we don’t want to see you as the reason for the issues on ground because they have always been at peace, how come this is happening after you got into their lives. Pls, good women make the home and not break it. Both of you should do something fast or stop doing somethings fast(you know what I mean) before God go vex with una.

Help build p-square not break them. You are both on news today because of the name p-square if not do I care who you are or what you wear, abi u don see my babe for paper or tv before? If the name is shattered just knw you are both set to leave d stage on fame like tony tetuila,sky b and others. Lola, Jude is like a father inlaw  to you. you also need to respect him.take whatever it is in a family manner and discuss it. I may be drunk or not knw what am saying like the wordings in my song ‘blame it on Shekpe’

Peter and Paul I av spoken,the next na flogging e go be (lol)  you guys have inspired a lot of us,pls make your mother rest in peace and don’t bring shame of disunity to okoye’s family now that you are to show example to the nation who needs the unity to co-exist. I love you guys and will always be your fan even if you sell empty records or whistle all through your album without beat I go buy am cos am. But my babe dare not try to faint for you guys wey she neva faint for me. na that day she go pack comot.lol.

If you kill the dream of my neighbour’s twins whom you inspired to call themselves p-square and ignore the parents given name,I shall sue you both collectively or individually which ever way you want it. Very annoying boys that I was expecting to see posters of you contesting as the senator,house of rep or governors of your state,you are here letting press post negligible quarrel that you have made big to destroy the brand name. Thunder fire both of you there! Ewuu.

Pls,let’s see you come back together and have you call out for the release of the abducted female children from the school in north and see the response, who knows if some of d perpetrators are your fans, then you will see positive result. People don’t know what they have until they lose it, use your position and name to call attention of government to the wrongs of the society that need change and see if the officials will not move to please you. I don tire jor make I go rest. But let me not hear of this nonsense  breakup again biko pls.
Your true fan

Publisher : @iamgidikiid
Twitter : @mp3radio_ng
BBpin : 2B2FD2F7


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