[MUST READ] Peter,Paul & Jude Okoye will learn there lesson!

Posted: April 29, 2014 in News

All’s well that ends well, right? After a
decade of electrifying dances, amazing
music and climbing the heights of super
stardom, th group P-Square almost
Peter Okoye, the darling of Nigerian
women decided he had had enough of being
called a dancer, rather than a singer, and
also the disrespect of his wife, Lola Okoye
by his elder brother Jude Okoye. He
entered a physical combat with his less
athletic twin brother, and won. Not just
winning, he broke the dude’s left eye. Of
course, all that muscle and endless hours
preening himself in the gym, has to give him
some combat advantages. Poor Paul.
In the end though, family reined supreme,
all the anger was put away, the brothers
were reconciled, and went back to playing
soccer (and working out), while being
Daddies and honeys to their kids and wives.
For the extra pep, Jude Okoye had just the
bright idea to get engaged to an ex-beauty
queen, Ify Umeokeke, sending all the
wagging tongues to another direction. The
sly fox. Twins would always be twins.
Joined by blood, made special by a similarity
of looks, and united even in battle.
It’s not rare to see them battle and disagree
over the most trivial of matters, but rarely
do their separation become absolute.
Many people are of the opinion that with
the entrance of women into the lives of the
men, trouble necessarily raised its ugly
head. More specifically, they’ve thrown all
their fingers at the graceful Lola Omotayo.
Even though this might not necessarily have
been the case, and there’s no proof to
substantiate the social media allegations,
but they do persist.
Popular societal opinion of Lola can be
summed up in three words: older, bossy,
People think she’s the sore thumb in the
Okoye household, so that makes her the
easiest to blame. Even if the Square Family
dinner turkey was overcooked, and the
story got out, I’d place top dollar that she’ll
be called a bad cook, even before the
identity of the cook is revealed. Poor Lola. I
feel strongly for her. Kudos to her for rising
above it all….arrogantly.
Kudos to Peter Okoye too who stuck up for
his lady. Hate her, love her, diss her,
disrespect her, ….but she still remains his
ife. No matter how loud the dissent is over
Peter’s choice of marriage to Lola is, he
loves her truly and deeply. He even went to
war with his family over her. She’s his wife,
and the mother of his children, and people
should just deal with that.
But all’s well that ends well right? Peter &
Paul are an item, Jude Okoye is getting
married, Lola Okoye still has her man, and
the sun is still up in the sky. Over and out!

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